KingDraw APP Update| V 3.0


What’s new:

1. New KDX file format upgraded

kdx file format

The king file format is officially upgraded to KDX in the new version. The new KDX file format supports higher object processing. Importing multimedia such as pictures can be completed in KDX.

The original “king” format file will be updated to “KDX” format after being modified and saved.

2. Smart guides

When you drag the selected objects, smart guides will be on. Smart guides can automatically capture the edges, endpoints, center points, etc. of the nearest object, which helps align and distribute objects on the fly.

smart guides

3. Customize arrows and brackets shapes

When arrows and brackets selected, the adjustment handles will appear. By dragging the adjusting handle, we can arbitrarily adjust the length, angle, shape and other properties of the arrow and bracket.

change arrow length and angle

It supports individual adjustment and deletion of single brackets meanwhile.

single bracket

4. Rotate text, drawing elements, atoms, groups

Text, drawing elements, atoms, and groups all support rotation in the new version. When those objects are selected, the adjustment handles and rotating rod will be displayed. Press and hold the rod to rotate, and the angle can be adjusted. Drag adjustment handles of the drawing elements to change the length and width.

rotate text
stretch graphs

5. Add positive and negative charges with circle, and electron dot diagram

In the charge tool, add charges “㊉”, “㊀”, and dot and cross diagrams “x ·”, “· x”, “x x” to enrich the drawing styles. Long press the charge tool to switch. Press and rotate when adding, can change the orientation.

circle minus and electron diagrams

6. Change “Colors by Elements”

In the “Settings”>” Canvas Settings” of the upper toolbar, a new “Colors by Elements” option is added. Turn on, and atoms' color will be displayed by default. Turn off, atoms will be all black.

canvas settings

7. Update the periodic table

Add elements 113–118 in the periodic table.

113–118 elements

8. Add text arrows

New series of text arrows are added. After adding it, click “Text” with the text tool to type.

text arrows

Other optimization

  1. Improve the group/structure automatic identification function

Common functional group/condensed formula will be recognized, and the corresponding chemical properties will be counted on.

group identification
condensed formula identification

2. Optimize drawing settings

After changing the drawing settings, you can choose to apply the changed settings to a new object or to the existing one.

drawing settings

3. Optimize the display style of carbon with charges

Adding charges or radicals to the carbon chain, the C atom will not be displayed.

carbon style




Professional chemical drawing software. Twitter:@KingDraw_chem Facebook:@KingDrawCSE Youtube:@KingDraw

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Professional chemical drawing software. Twitter:@KingDraw_chem Facebook:@KingDrawCSE Youtube:@KingDraw

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