KingDraw Beta V2.3.0| New update


The first update of KingDraw beta v2.3.0 for Windows is coming in 2021~


Brand new file format.

Richer drawing elements.

There are many more possibilities for drawing.

Come and take a look!

What’s new:

1. New upgrade KDX file format, support more drawing styles

The king file format is officially upgraded to KDX in the new version. The new KDX file format supports higher object processing, such as drawing more complex structures. Importing multimedia such as pictures can be completed in KDX, in the near future.

It should be noted that it will generate a new kdx file while keeping the original file when opening a king file in beta v2.3.0. Kdx files drawn by beta v2.3.0 will be opened in a future versions of other devices, too.

But currently, they cannot be opened through the official version of KingDraw PC, KingDraw APP, and KingDraw HD. If you need to work with different devices, you can use the official version.

2. Smart guides

When you drag the selected objects, smart guides are turned on by default when there are 2 or more objects on a canvas. Smart guides can automatically capture the edges, endpoints, center points, etc. of the nearest object, which helps align and distribute objects on the fly.

3. Customize arrows and brackets shapes

When the mouse hovers over arrows and brackets, the adjustment handles will appear. By dragging the adjusting handle, we can arbitrarily adjust the length, angle, shape, and other properties of the arrow and bracket.

It supports individual adjustment and deletion of single brackets meanwhile.

4. Rotate text, drawing elements, atoms, groups

Text, drawing elements, atoms, and groups all support rotation in the new version. When those objects are selected, the adjustment handles and rotating rod will be displayed. Press and hold the rod to rotate, and the angle can be adjusted.

Drag adjustment handles of the drawing elements to change the length and width.

5. Add positive and negative charges with circle and electron dot diagram

In the charge tool, add charges “㊉”, “㊀”, and electron dot diagrams “x ·”, “· x”, “x x” to enrich the drawing styles. Long press charges tool to switch.

6. Change “Atom color mode”

In the “Options” of the upper toolbar, a new “Atom color mode” option is added. It will save the previous option when you open KingDraw.

Select “Black”, and atoms will be black by default. Select “Colored”, atoms will display the corresponding color.

7. Update the periodic table

Add elements 113–118 in the periodic table according to ACS.

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