KingDraw | How to show stereochemistry

2 min readMay 22, 2024


In our daily work and study, we often need to mark the stereochemistry of chiral molecules. KingDraw supports marking the stereochemistry for chiral carbon atoms, and it only takes a single click to automatically mark the stereochemistry for the structure on the drawing board, which is very fast and convenient.

Let’s look at how to operate it specifically on a PC.

show stereochemistry on PC

Display stereochemistry

To display the stereochemistry in KingDraw, you need to perform operations through the right-click menu. After selecting the structure that requires stereochemistry marking, right-click on the drawing board, and you will see the option “Show Stereochemistry” in the menu. After clicking on this option, the corresponding structure will display its stereochemistry.

Close stereochemistry

To remove the stereochemistry marking from a structure that has already been marked in KingDraw, you will also need to use the right-click menu. Once the structure is selected, right-click on the drawing board to open the context menu. Click on the “Close Stereochemistry” option, and the stereochemistry marking on the selected structure will be removed.

Let’s take a look at how to operate in the KingDraw mobile app:

show stereochemistry on the mobile app

In the KingDraw mobile app, to display the stereochemistry of a chiral molecule, you would typically follow these steps:

  1. Open the Structure: Start by opening the chemical structure in KingDraw that contains the chiral carbon atom you want to view in stereo.
  2. Access the Toolbar: Look for the toolbar at the top of the drawing board. This is where you’ll find various tools to manipulate and view your structure.
  3. Find the Options Menu: In the top right corner of the toolbar, you should see an icon that looks like three dots (•••). This represents the options or more menu.
  4. Open the Options Menu: Tap on the three dots to open the options menu, which will reveal additional settings and tools.
  5. “Close Stereochemistry”: select the structure, and Within the options menu, find the setting or button that allows you to remove the stereochemistry.




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