KingDraw PC | Paste copied SMILES, MOL, ChemDraw, and other formats to structures

3 min readApr 6, 2023


KingDraw supports file format conversion with ChemDraw and other major chemical structure drawing software; KingDraw can open or save files easily in several formats(mol, cdx, SMILES, etc.) that are commonly used in structure drawing software.

How to convert these formats into the chemical structure that we need? The “Paste Special” function can quickly perform a one-click conversion. Buckle up, get ready to KingDraw learning, and let’s dive into the world of chemistry together!

How to use “Paste Special”

In KingDraw PC, users can find the “Paste Special” option in the right-click menu. The current version supports copy structure into other formats (SMILES, MOL v2000, MOL v3000) and IUPAC name.

It should be noted that when we directly click the right menu, the “Paste Special” option is gray and cannot be clicked to use. This is because this function cannot be used without copying the contents of the transformation. Therefore, before using this function, you need to copy the converted content first.

· SMILES(shortkey:Ctrl+Alt+V)

After copying the SMILES format of the compound in a web page or document, right-click on the KingDraw canvas and select “Paste Special” → “SMILES”, and the compound will be converted to the drawing board.

We can also switch to KingDraw drawing canvas, directly use the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+V”, and quickly convert the structure.

· MOL V2000、MOL V3000

Similarly, we can copy the text of MOL V2000 and MOL V3000 of the compound, and then convert it into the corresponding structural formula by selecting “Paste SpecialMOL V2000 and MOL V3000.

· IUPAC Name as Structure

To copy the IUPAC Name of the compound, select “Paste Special” → “IUPAC Name as Structure” to convert the name into the corresponding structural formula.




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