KingDraw PC 丨 How to use Template Libraries? Improve Drawing Efficiency by 100%! Support Custom Template!

3 min readNov 18, 2022


KingDraw has built-in rich structural templates, including template libraries of amino acids, bicyclics, supramolecules, polyhedra, polypeptides, aromatics, carbon nanotubes, conformers, etc. You can also add custom templates as needed.

In this tutorial, let’s learn the application of template libraries.

Use of Templates

The template tool is in the toolbar on the left of the KingDraw PC. Right-click “Templates” to view various types of templates. Select the desired one and click on the canvas to generate the corresponding structure.

Add Custom Templates

If the existing template cannot meet the usage requirements, we can click【• • •】 below the template list to open a new canvas to a custom template. Users Draw, add, modify, and delete custom template content here.

After you enter the “Custom Template” for the first time, the system creates a template category of “Custom Template 1” by default. After drawing a structural formula in the canvas, the system automatically saves the drawing content in the new template category. You can see the corresponding structural preview in the “Custom Template” section on the right.

After the drawing is complete, click “+”, and the user can continue adding other structures to the new canvas.

To exit the Custom template palette, right-click the template tool and find the newly added template in the template list.

Edit/Delete a Custom Template

Click “…” below the template list to enter the custom template interface, click the structural template in “Custom Template” on the right side of the canvas, and you can modify it there. The system will automatically save.

Right-click the template in “Custom Template”, and then select “Clear”to delete the structure template.

Add Custom Template Category

Click “Add Custom Template” under “Custom Template” to create a new template category.

By clicking on “Edit” you can change the name of the template category; by clicking on “Delete”, you can delete the entire category and the structure templates included.




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