KingDraw PC | Group Advanced Chapter!!!|Adjust, Copy, and Expand Group

3 min readOct 15, 2022


In this tutorial, we will share some more practical operations about the group, including how to adjust the group display direction and copy the group more quickly, and how to expand & contract group structures.

Adjust the Group Display Direction

KingDraw system will automatically adjust the display direction of groups according to the connection direction of chemical bonds. You can adjust by right-clicking ‘Group Alignment’ in the menu.

Select ‘Automatic’, then the group can adjust the display direction automatically.

Select ‘Horizontal’, then the group can adjust horizontally.

Copy the Group more Quickly

In order to enhance the efficiency while drawing structures, KingDraw support quickly copy groups, which can be easily done by using the ‘Text’ tool.

Operation Steps:

  1. After selecting ‘Text’, click the group in the structure, then you can copy that group.

2. Double-click the position of the group to be added in the structure, then quickly add the corresponding group.

Expand and Contract the Group

KingDraw supports the group abbreviation expansion into the corresponding structural formula, and vice versa.

— Expand the group:

Use the marquee tool to select the group and click on the ‘Expand Label’ from the right-click menu, after which the group abbreviation can be converted into the corresponding structure.

— Contract the group:

Use the marquee tool to select the expanded group, and click the ‘Contract Label’ to switch the structure into its abbreviation.

Notice: groups that cannot be recognized by the system cannot be expanded. Firstly add the group as a custom group, then proceed with the operation.

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