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When drawing the reaction mechanism, we often need to input some special symbols. Many users often consult a problem — How to input special symbols in KingDraw?

It‘s super easy to input special symbols in KingDraw.

Use the “Text Tool” or ; Copy and paste from files and web pages

Input Symbols by “Text Tool”

· Input “+”

Many KingDraw users are wondering how to input “+”. We just need to click the “Text Tool”, and then enter “+” in the input box.

KingDraw PC
The location of “Text Tool” on Apps

· Input specific Symbols of the Reaction Mechanism

The Text Tool supports quick input of commonly used symbols, currently including 4, i.e.,“↑”、“↓”、“△”、“℃”. We can quickly select and input these four by clicking them in the Text Box.

KingDraw PC
KingDraw Apps

· To Input Greek Letters

The “Symbol” Font in the Text Tool can help users input Greek letters. After selecting “Symbol” in the Text Box, the entered English letter will be displayed as the corresponding Greek letter.

input greek letters
KingDraw Apps
symbol keyboard input table

Quick Copy and Paste

In KingDraw, we also support the text content of documents and web pages to be copied directly to the canvas. A variety of special symbols can be quickly input in this way.

Let’s take the physical length unit “Å” as an example:


1. Copy in the web page (Ctrl+C)

2. Paste on the KingDraw canvas (Ctrl+V)

Done! Isn’t it super easy?

For normal use of the KingDraw Text Tool, please check the tutorials on YouTube

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