KingDraw Tutorial丨 Atom Color Mode, How to Set Colors by Elements in KingDraw?

3 min readDec 29, 2022
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When we add elements in KingDraw, the element is displayed in color by default.

If you only want to change the color of a few elements individually, please use the Color Tool to adjust it. If you want to set the default color of the element to black, you can easily set it by using the Default element Color option in KingDraw.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set the “Atom Color Mode” in each on windows PC and mobile devices.

Default Element Color

The “Atom Color Mode ” option helps you quickly switch the default color of the added element. The current version supports “colored” (system default) or “black” modes.

colored mode(left) and black mode(right)

This setting has a memory function, which can keep the last color setting when you reopen KingDraw.

How to Set the Default Atom Color

· KingDraw PC:

The “Atom Color Mode” option is set in the “Options” menu. You can set it by going to [Menu] → [Options] → [Atom Color Mode] on the toolbar. When it is turned on, the color of the element is displayed in color by default; when it is turned off, the color is black by default.

KingDraw PC

· KingDraw HD, APP (iOS & Android):

KingDraw APP and KingDraw HD users please click on the【• • •】on the top right of the canvas. Select 【Setting】→【Other Settings】→【Colors by Elements】(Turn on or off)

KingDraw app

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