KingDraw Tutorial丨How to switch the display style of a carbon atom?

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When we draw the chemical structure in KingDraw, the system sets the arrangement of all carbon atoms (“C”) by default. Thus, the structures are arranged neatly and cleanly in order.

However, in cases we need to show “C”, do we need to add manually one by one?

Of course, No

KingDraw Users can switch the display style of “C” by clicking 【The Label Setting on “C”】. In our software, we provide 3 different display style, including 【Hide “C”】, 【Show “C”】, and 【Show terminal “C”】to help Kingdrawers switch these setting as their wish.

Now let’s have a look, how to set the display style of “C” in PC, HD, iOS, and Android.

image copyrighted by KingDraw

KingDraw PC :

In KingDraw PC, we can switch the setting by clicking 【Menu】→【Option】→【Label Setting on “C”】

KingDraw PC interface

KingDraw HD, APP (iOS & Android):

In KingDraw APP, we can switch the display style of“C”by clicking the

【• • •】 for more functions, then select 【Setting】→【Other Setting】→【Label Settings on “C”】to switch the display style.

KingDraw APP interface
KingDraw APP interface

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