KingDraw tutorial 丨 How to Set up the Drawing Environment?

3 min readSep 23, 2019

Before drawing the structure, we first need to create a drawing environment that suits your needs, such as selecting a drawing template, adjusting the key length, key angle, and whether to enable accessibility. Today we will take a look at how to set the drawing parameters in the KingDraw APP.

How to make drawing settings

In KingDraw, there are two ways to make drawing settings:

Drawing settings for the system

Open KingDraw APP, click on the top left corner → [Settings] → [Drawing Settings] to enter the drawing settings page. The modified settings will be applied to all newly created files.

Drawing settings for a single file

On the drawing board interface, click [···] in the upper function area and select [Settings] to enter the drawing setting interface. The modified settings are applied to the current file.

Introduction to drawing settings

In the drawing setting interface, the user can select a suitable drawing template according to his own needs, and turn on/off the proof function and the zoomer function. After the setting is completed, click the [Save] button to save the drawing settings.

Drawing template

The KingDraw APP provides you with 3 sets of drawing templates: KingDraw Document, ACS Document 1996, User-defined Document.

The [KingDraw Document] and [ACS Document 1996] drawing styles are system defaults and cannot be modified. If you need to set your own drawing style, you can select [User-defined Document]. After the setting is completed, click the “Save” button to save the drawing settings.

In the drawing panel, you can also quickly switch between the ACS Document 1996 drawing mode by clicking the [96] button in the upper ribbon.

In the [User-defined Document] mode, the contents that can be set include:

Proof function

When the proof function is turned on, the system will check the correctness of the structural drawing, and the place where the verification result is wrong will be prompted by the red box.

Zoomer function

When the zoomer function is turned on, when you draw the structure in the drawing panel, the drawing area will be partially enlarged in the upper left corner to facilitate drawing details.




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