KingDraw Update| KingDraw Beta v2.5 for Windows PC

KingDraw PC is updated to Beta V2.5! This update is super informative. The new version has upgraded the compatibility of Microsoft Office products and ChemDraw, image recognition will be faster and more accurate, and many other features have been optimized and upgraded, check it out!

What’s new:

1. Optimize the compatibility with MS products

By optimizing the compatibility between KingDraw and Microsoft Office products, the drawing is upgraded to a high-definition vector image, when copying the content to MS-related software.

2. Upgrade Eraser performance

Eraser any objects more smoothly by holding the tool and swiping over the canvas.

3. Improve the Join function

When using the “Join” function in the right-click menu to join two structures, the new way by selecting two endpoints has been added in addition to the original way by joining two chemical bonds.

4. New subscripted brackets to the bracket tool

A new brackets diagram with subscripts has been added to the bracket tool, and the text content can be changed by the text tool.

5. Support carbon label settings

To meet the different needs of users, the new version adds carbon label settings, so that you can switch the mode of carbon labels, including “Hide C”, “Show C” and “Show terminal C”. You can choose the options from following “Menu” → “Options” → “Label Settings On Carbon” in the upper toolbar.

6. Optimize Double-bonds shortcut function

The number “2” on the keyboard can be used to quickly switch between the two bonds. In the new version, the number “2” can not only switch the double bonds but also switch the display style of the double bonds.

7. Improve the accuracy of the Image Recognition function

The “Image Recognition” function has been optimized and upgraded to improve the recognition speed and accuracy.

8. Optimize the compatibility of CDX format files

The new version adds the following compatibility features with CDX format files: compatibility with multiple drawing formats in the same file;

compatibility with text rotation, different font sizes, subscripts;

compatibility with orbitals diagrams;

compatibility with the display of imported images.

KingDraw Beta v2.5 has been released on KingDraw’s official website.

Welcome to update and experience it.

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