KingDraw Update| KingDraw HD V1.2

2 min readDec 3, 2021

What’s New on KingDraw HD v1.2:

1. Optimize the Apple Pencil mode

The new version has upgraded the Apple pencil mode, which solves the user’s problem of hand mistouch in the process of using the Apple Pencil.

2. Add the drag-and-delete function to the eraser

Upgrade the Eraser tool. After selecting the eraser tool, hold on and erase the desired area, you can remove the objects on the canvas continuously.

3. Add new bracket-style

New “bracket with subscripted” in the bracket tool, long-press the bracket tool to view and switch. The text content can be changed by the text tool.

4. Support carbon labels settings

The new version adds a carbon label setting, which allows you to switch the display style of carbon labels at will, including “Hide ‘C’”, “Show ‘C’” and “Show terminal ‘C’”. You can switch between “…” → “Settings” → “Other Settings” → → “Labels Settings on Carbon” in the upper toolbar.

5. Adjust the position of “Proof”, “Zoomer” and “Colors by Elements” settings

To improve user experience, “Proof”, “Zoomer” and “Colors by Elements” settings options in the new version have been moved to “Settings”. You can change it through “…” → “Settings” → “Other Settings” in the toolbar on the canvas.

KingDraw HD v1.2 is available on Google Play, Apple app store, and other app stores.

You can also check it on the KingDraw website:




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