KingDraw Update| KingDraw HD V1.3 is Online

2 min readFeb 18, 2022


Image recognition, as all long looking forward to, is online in the KingDraw HD v1.3. Convert IUPAC name, MOL, SMILES, Cas number to a structure is available. iOS system supports copying structure to other applications in this update.

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What’s new in KingDrawHD 1.3?

Optimize Image Recognition function

KingDraw HD V1.3 boasts a new “Image Recognition” function, which can help users quickly convert the molecule on the paper to the canvas by taking pictures.

Click the ”Image Identification” button in the upper toolbar, when the camera permission is given, you can take pictures of the molecules on the paper. Crop it and tap the “√” on the right upper corner. You can get the structure on the board.

Try to keep the picture clear and flat when taking photos to ensure the accuracy of recognition.

Automatic rotation of 3D model

3D models will be spinning by default when entering the 3D display interface.

Click “…” at the bottom right corner of the interface to turn off/on the auto-rotation mode.

Convert IUPAC name, MOL, SMILES, CAS number to structure

Copy the IUPAC name, MOL, SMILES, CAS number to the canvas as the structure is available in the new version. After the text is copied, you need to select the marquee tool first and then long-press on any blank area to open the “Paste Special” menu. Select the format type, and you can get its corresponding molecule.

iOS system supports copying to other applications

The iOS client adds a sharing method of pasting drawn objects to other applications as pictures.

Long press the selected area, the menu will be popped up. Select “Copy” and duplicate inside the app. And select “Copy to other apps” to paste to other apps as pictures.

KingDraw HD v1.3 is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and other app stores and website. Download it and welcome to give us more feedback. Website:




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