KingDrawTutorial丨How to Beautify Chemical Structures? A KingDraw “Magic Book” For You.

4 min readFeb 21


“How to draw a standard and beautiful chemical structure? ”

It is a problem that plagues many novice users. In this ‘Magic Book’, we have summarized several tips to improve your drawing aesthetics. Come and take it!

Tip 1:Draw a framework first, then add elements and groups!

To draw a beautiful structure, it is initial to keep the fixed key length and bond angle. While adding chemical bonds in KingDraw, the system will use a fixed key length by defaulting the drawing setting. The system will also default to 120° with the previous bond angles.

Many novice users prefer to draw elements first and then connect bonds among elements. Such drawing methods cannot guarantee fixed bonds and angles. To beautify your work, we recommend you draw the framework at the beginning and then add elements and groups.

Tip 2: Multiful Use of Templates!

KingDraw has built-in various drawing templates to beautify your drawing and enhance your work efficiency. Rich templates include amino acids, bicyclics, supramolecules, polyhedra polypeptides, aromatics, etc.

Apart from that, ‘Template Library’ can help users draw complex structures quickly. A detailed tutorial can be found here: How to Use Template Libraries.

Tip 3: Smart Use of the “Join” Function

Many novice users cannot maintain a fixed length and angle of the bond. In KingDraw PC, we recommend you use the “Join” function!

There are 2 ways to join two structures.

1. Dragging

· Join points

1)Select the marquee tool to choose a point in the first structure.

2)Drag this point to another point in the second structure.

3)The system merges the two points into one by default and joins two structures so that they share an atom.

· Join bonds

1) Select the marquee tool to choose a bond in the first structure.

2) Drag this bond to another bond in the second structure.

3) The system merges the two bonds into one by default and joins two structures to share one bond.

2. Right-click menu - Join

1) Use [Marquee Tool] to select the 2 bonds or 2 points from 2 structures.

2) Select [Join] from the [Right-click menu].

3) By default, the system will join 2 bonds or points into one and their structures into one.

Tip 4: “Clean up” Structure Intelligently

To optimize and beautify your structure bonds and angles, try the [Clean Up] function. Also, you can beautify and embellish the structural formula through [Clean up] when you finish drawing.

There are 3 ways to use the [Clean up] function.

1. In [Toolbar], select the [Clean up] tool.

2. In [Menu]-[Edit].

3. On the canvas, right-click and select [Clean up].

· Selective Clean-up

1. Use the [Marquee Tool] to select the structural formulas to clean up.

2. Click [Clean up].

3. The system will neaten the appearance of the selected structure.

· Multiple Clean-up

The “Clean up” tool supports multiple cleaning up to the same structure in different forms.

If the current effect is not sufficient, users can click this tool again to clean up the structure once again.




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